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Cell makes a truck engine run more efficiently by ensureing that the fuel burns fully. Generator seperates hydrogen and oxygen gases from water, and then mixes the hydrogen into the fuel for added benefits.

Reason for the Invention:

"We don't like to waste money on fuel. Current internal combustion engines are horribly inefficient. Our HHO generator is not the same as the homemade hobby cells, mason jars, or PVC -common, everyday junk. In a properly tuned system this generator reduces fuel input and adds hydrogen to increase and ensure a complete burn of the fuel that is used."

The Outcome:

At $3.00 a gallon, if you run 2800 miles a week and you only gain one mile per gallon you will still save $1075.75 every month! Most everyone gets one to one and a half miles to the gallon and those who get one and a half will save $1614.00 a month. With that kind of savings the Super Cell would have paid for its self within 3 to 4 months.
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